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Maria Morley received her Master's of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and ceramics from Instituto Allende, the Art School of The University of Guanajuato in Mexico.

She has traveled, worked and studied in various countries, including England, Australia, New Zealand, India and Mexico. These travels have informed her artistic sensibilities, rounded her creative scope and enhanced her appreciation of cultural and environmental diversity. She is currently at work in her studio, Morley Clay, in Summit County, Colorado.

Guitar leaned against a wall

artist statement

"I began as a potter many moons ago and have an intimate relationship with clay. For the past several years I have been a sculptor of idea. This path continues to bring me on a fantastic journey into self and society.

My work is meaningful because art has the capacity to convey feelings which exist at the developmental forefront of human perception. Art and Music are two of our most precious social possessions; they give me ample reason to carry on and do the work that is mine. Creation is activism."

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