morley clay

Maria has been writing and performing original music for over a decade and her most recent project is a contemporary ensemble named "Kit for Pain."

Her "rootsy" music is a new sort of American folk: melodic story lines mixed with fresh rythmic subtleties, jazzy instrumentals and new musical forms. Shades of the bluesy lament are also heard here and there throughout Maria's repertoire.

Music is the great international language; it keeps stories and cultural rhythms alive. As an artist Maria feels her responsibility is to document the myth of the day. She attempts to do this visually with her sculpture and audibly through music.

Maria has a lyrical sensibility that is unforced and natural, and a melodic sense that feels fresh in this day of consumption oriented pop. The songs are, at once, both sheer expression and a heartfelt cry for something entirely more significant, sacred and sustainable. "Kit for Pain" is currently in the studio and will release an album later this year.

You may download four sample tracks from a collaboration named "The Plum."